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10.24.10 - Workshops
Eight week workshops with Tom Daley.
09.12.10 - Privately
Study Privately with Tom Daley. Waiting List
09.12.10 - Real-Time
Study in real-time via chat-room with Tom Daley. Waiting List

Tom Daley:
Learning from Emily Dickinson: An engagement with Dickinson's poems and letters
An eight-week poetry writing workshop

Shall I take thee, the Poet said
To the propounded word?
Be stationed with the Candidates
Till I have finer tried —
The Poet searched Philology
And when about to ring
For the suspended Candidate
There came unsummoned in —
That portion of the Vision
The Word applied to fill
Not unto nomination
The Cherubim reveal —

As Emily Dickinson points out in this poem, both craft and inspiration play an important part in the writing of poetry. In this workshop, weekly (and mandatory) assignments will help you to develop your writing skills and prepare the ground for inspiration (no cherubim provided!). You will learn to compose in some of the forms Dickinson worked in, including the common meter. You will also practice the art of the epistolary poem, create aphorisms à la Dickinson, and write poems to her or about her work, her life, and her themes. In addition, you will write one thoroughgoing revision of one of the poems generated by the assignments.

The enhancement of the art of critical thinking and writing is an important component of this workshop. In addition to composing a poem that results from the weekly exercise, each participant must write and post critiques of two poems by other participants every week

Dates: October 24-December 21, 2010
Cost: $350 (includes a $10 registration fee)
To be considered for the workshop, new applicants should send a group of three poems in the text box of an e-mail (no attachments please) to the instructor at


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